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The new ANSI B101.1 standard requires that all walking surfaces in your hotel or business building floors meet or exceed a minimum coefficient of friction (C.O.F) aka "TRACTION" of 0.60


Due to the high cleaning standards of US medical facilities, it is not uncommon for floors to be wet in multiple areas on the hospital floors. Use Slip Solvers in these areas to help prevent accidents before they occur:

  • Patient Rooms / Surgery Rooms

  • Bathrooms & Showers

  • Therapy Areas & Equipment

  • Ramps & Stairs

  • Loading Dock

  • Main Lobby Areas

  • Cafeteria



Slip-resistant flooring protects against hazardous conditions in your automotive facilities where liquids such as oil and grease or other liquids such as coolant may come in contact with the floor causing people to slip. Slip Solvers slip-resistant flooring will reduce the risk of these events, keeping your facility safer from potential injury or accidents.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Preventing slip-and-fall accidents which cause employees or visitors physical and/or emotional trauma

  • Preventing financial loss (e.g. liability payouts, legal fees, an increase to insurance premiums, increased administrative costs) related to the medical expenses of an injured person or lost work time of an employee.



Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common workplace injuries and account for hours of lost time and costly compensation. Our most aggressive coatings can be used inside or outside to make any floor anti-slip. Ideal for concrete, metal, or wood surface where maximum traction is needed:

  • Aerospace Manufacturing

  • Scaffolding

  • Shop floors

  • Warehouse & Loading Dock

  • Equipment Grips

  • Catwalk & Platform

  • Ladders & Stairs



Supermarket industry spends nearly $450 Million annually to defend slip and fall claims (NFSI)

For every $1.00 Spent on floor care supermarkets spend $3.00 for slip and fall claims.

Mitigate the inevitable spills that create slip/fall hazards at the grocery store.

  • HVAC Drips

  • Restrooms

  • Produce Aisles Condensation

  • Food Aisle Spills

  • Main Lobby Area



Steam, water, grease, and food can combine to create a dangerous kitchen or dining room environment.
Restaurant kitchens and dining areas are a hot spot for slick, unsafe floors.



Give your tenants and guests a safe place to walk on. According to the CDC, more than 15,000 people over the age of 65 died as a result of a fall, each year. And that’s an increase from 7,700 a year, just a decade earlier:

  • Rooms 

  • Bathrooms & Showers

  • Common Areas

  • Ramps & Stairs

  • Lobby Areas

  • Cafeteria


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