Our Process


A Slip Solvers technician will conduct a walkway audit of your home or facility. The audit will specifically identify any potential slip and fall hazards needing attention.


Slip Solvers will then use the ASM 825 (American Slip Meter) to measure Static Coefficient of Friction ( S.C.O.F ) of your floors before a fall occurs and prescribe a solution that will render your floors safer for you, your employees, customers or guests.


Now the science begins. Slip Solvers proprietary TREATMENT process creates a “micro-tread” on your slippery surface that will increase traction dramatically and improve safety on all surfaces – wet or dry.



Slip Solvers conducts scheduled, bi-annual visits to test and measure treated areas to ensure proper traction levels are maintained.



Supermarket industry spends nearly $450 Million annually to defend slip and fall claims (NFSI)

For every $1.00 Spent on floor care supermarkets spend $3.00 for slip and fall claims.


Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually

*(National Safety Council Injury Facts)


of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors

*(Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets 5th edition)

8 Seconds 

Every 8 seconds someone is a victim of a slip & fall in the U.S.



Our passion is SAFETY, and our goal is to help you make your workplace or home, safer, day in day out!

Slip Solvers can help you create a safer environment, reduce legal liabilities, and CERTIFY your floors as Slip Resistant.
Our certified service is simple, fast, and inexpensive. Organizations like Starbucks, Marriott, Hyatt, McDonalds, and other national brands have improved their floor safety, and reduced their liability, using our certified approach.

Our floor products:

1. Work at the micro-pore level to improve traction and raise the slip-coefficient.
2. Exceed the ADA/OSHA recommended guidelines.
3. Will not change the TEXTURE OR APPEARANCE of most floors.

We also offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, Slip Test on your floors, so you can see exactly how our service will impact the safety of YOUR floors.

Click here to Request a FREE “Slip Assessment” of Your Floor, Tub or Shower

Our Company

Slip Solvers was chartered to improve the safety of your surfaces wherever a surface needs better traction from wet or elemental factors.  We do this by enabling a traction on tiles, stone, VCT, porcelain, concrete, ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass and most other surfaces. Our products should result in marked improvement in surface traction with little or no change in appearance.

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